Friday, 25 January 2013

00055 // 25/01/13

it was a pleasure to play at shangri-la last night. tom burgess played a few songs to open the night, then came a set from little penguin (great visuals) who over the last couple of years has had quite some influence on me, not least by introducing me to the thingamagoop which you can hear on pretty much all my records since 2010. i forgot the words to the outdoor type and dinosaur egg which was quite pathetic, but being joined on stage by tom on guitar for wwf and graham on vocals for island in the sun made up for that. i was followed by my old friend greg kiss who played a new song of his as well as some old favourites which made be very happy. it was a good night. i played these songs:

first song on the setlist
i wanna be r stevie moore too!
chelsea hotel #2
just like pigpen
e for effort
the outdoor type
island in the sun
i think we might be weirdos
marty feldman eyes
dinosaur egg
if you see her, give her hell

thanks to everyone who didn't heckle and to everyone who bought a cd.

next month is february which means i'll be undertaking the rpm challenge. this is where you have to make an album of ten songs or thirty-five minutes of music (i know which of those i'm aiming for) from start to finish in the month of february. it's my fourth year of doing this - you can download my 20102011 and 2012 efforts for free. i urge you to join in too. my rpm2013 album will be available on the first of march, after which i'm hoping to have some live dates lined up so i can debut some of the new songs. see you in march.

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