Thursday, 13 December 2012

00054 // 13/12/12

my new album, juice, is now available. you can download it for free from here and you can buy the ltd edition cdr (featuring letterpress artwork by a sparrow by water) for £4 from here. because i've made this new album i thought it best to play at least once to air some of the new songs, so i played shangri-la at the railway hotel on the sixth of december. here is what i played:

my life is starting over again
just like pigpen
i wanna be r stevie moore too!
song for the season
the outdoor type
e for effort
i told him it was wrong
if you see her, give her hell
island in the sun
marty feldman eyes

i'm going to be playing live regularly again in the new year and i already have ideas for the next album, so keep checking here or my twitter (@tdb_andrew) for updates. thanks to everyone who's already bought or downloaded the new album.