Friday, 8 March 2013

00056 // 08/03/13

i made a record last month as part of the rpm challenge, which is where you write and record an album entirely within the month of february. it is my fourth year of doing this, having made simulacra (2010), nondomesticity (2011) and i make melodies (2012) previously. this year's effort, well, is available to download for free from here. i've never written anything particularly good as a result of the rpm challenge, but it's a good way to stretch yourself and i think it's as good an exercise in writing as any. not that i've improved as a result of making an album in twenty-eight days, i mean i work pretty quickly anyway, but at the very least i end up with a few more albums in the can for posterity. and hopefully at least one of you thinks the rpm albums are worth a listen.

last night i opened for my first tooth at the railway hotel. after tom burgess played a handful of songs, i played:

let's do this
first song on the setlist
happy birthday richard hell
it's all for you
chelsea hotel #2
i told him it was wrong
just like pigpen
my body the temple and i the iconoclast
the outdoor type
marty feldman eyes
island in the sun

thanks to tom and lance for booking me for shangri-la once again. i've got one or two more tumbledryer releases planned for this year, but i am really going to concentrate on (among other things) making a record with my other band, red sails. i had hoped to make a tumbledryer collaborations type album this year, but when i finally do get round to it i want to make sure it is good, so i will wait until i can commit to it properly. in the mean time, you can download every tumbledryer babies release for free from, and if you want to help me pay for more drum machines and  other instruments i don't know how to use then buy my 7"s and cds from here. peace out x