Thursday, 25 April 2013

00057 // 25/04/13

on the eighth of this month i did my first show on ship full of bombs radio station. it was a bit last minute so i hadn't prepared much for it, but it was nice to get to grips with it all and it's a privilege to be asked to get involved with the station. here's the playlist:

true love leaves no traces | leonard cohen
voice like thunder | the babies
kiss | scout niblett & will oldham
pop music | r. stevie moore
mature themes | ariel pink's haunted graffiti
tropical hot dog night | captain beefheart & his magic band
philosophy of the world | the shaggs
there is a light that never goes out | dum dum girls
sister midnight | iggy pop
breaking glass | david bowie
i'll come running | brian eno
uncontrollable urge | devo
spaace girls | spaace girl
take it as it comes | vivian girls
true love will find you in the end | beck
like a monkey in a zoo | daniel johnston
i'm wrong | sharon van etten
the lyre of orpheus | nick cave & the bad seeds
mellow my mind | neil young
lexicon devil | germs
kill the poor | dead kennedys
viet nam | minutemen
moving to florida | butthole surfers
the talking horse | melvins
academy fight song | mission of burma
lake of fire | meat puppets
i need somebody | iggy & the stooges
how do you do | euros childs
some kind of wonderful | keel her
big train | mike watt
it's cos of you | greg kiss
pink triangle | weezer
mountain trip to japan, 1959 | trachtenburg family slideshow players
my head is my only house unless it rains | captain beefheart & his magic band

my show will be on a monday night once a month. i hope to have guests on once in a while to break up the sound of my own voice and to make it a bit more varied, plus i like playing good records so it's well worth tuning in for the music. you can listen via the ship full of bombs website which is - please do, it's nice to know people are listening.

it's been a bit quiet in terms of tumbledryer babies news lately but i still plan to put out some more music by the end of this year so keep an eye on this blog and on twitter for updates.