Friday, 15 April 2011

00044 // 15/04/11

april started with a gig in aid of the benjamin foundation in king's lynn on the first, which for various reasons ended up being a solo gig. props to lindsay and matt of primakova for putting on the gig and for consequently raising money for this excellent cause. i played:

now the geeks have a union
first song on the setlist
dirty words & dusty corners
beautiful mental patient
chelsea hotel #2
just like pigpen
happy birthday, richard hell
there's no smoke without you
if you see her, give her hell
nowadays we are so very different
marty feldman eyes

now for some big business. since our 7" single was so well received we are desperate to get another record pressed. this time it will be an extended player rather than a single. the only problem is this: we are broke. our trip to sxsw cleaned us out. that said, we still want to put out physical records, and the solution i've come up with is pledgemusic. basically, by preordering the record you will help fund it. and your name will appear in the liner notes!

and if you want to go a step further, there are various exclusive bundles & experiences including (among other things) a day out with the band, limited edition framed cover artwork, a gig at your house and the chance to be the subject of a future tumbledryer download EP.

the whole thing kicks off in the next few days. during the two months of fundraising there will be downloads and other giveaways exclusive to pledgers to make it all the more pleasurable for you to help us fund this. remember, without your funding we can't put out the record!

keep up with pledge progress on facebook (/thetumbledryerbabies) and twitter (@tdb_andrew) and look out for tumbledryer gigs coming in the summer.