Sunday, 27 November 2011

00051 // 27/11/11

it pains me to tell you that following numerous personal traumas my muse has adandoned me and i am unable to write songs anymore. i had hoped that recent events in my life might have at least inspired me to write more; alas i am utterly bereft of drive and inspiration and passion and joy and invention. after some consideration i feel the best thing to do is to finish recording the songs i've already written then take an indefinite break. apologies to everyone who has supported me over the last four years but i think it is for the best and i think you will understand. i am having one last gig at the railway hotel on the ninth of december. it is free admission and charlot webster is playing as well so it will be a lovely way to say goodbye. paul lagden is djing afterwards and he always plays great records from beefheart to the raincoats to the breeders and beyond. please come along and say hi, come and ask me for a record if you don't already have one.

in other news, the pledge music 7"s are done and the majority are now in the post. if you bought one of the more extravagant exclusives then yours will follow as i am currently putting the finishing touches to these.

on the fifth of november after the fireworks i opened for son of buff at the railway. son of buff were great as always, and here's what i played:

now the geeks have a union
pensioner's hands
beautiful mental patient
chelsea hotel #2
my body the temple and i the iconoclast
if you see her, give her hell
just like pigpen
man obsessed
i told him it was wrong
marty feldman eyes
there's no smoke without you

i am playing shangri-la tomorrow night with tom burgess and doozer from deferred sucess and that's free so if you can't make the ninth you should come along to that. and follow me on twitter if you like.