Wednesday, 23 March 2011

00043 // 23/03/11

we just got back from playing sxsw in austin, texas. we got to see a little bit of austin and tonnes of great bands, including some of my absolute favourites in the shape of jad fair, mike watt and daniel johnston. also we got to see the likes of cults, la sera, dum dum girls, das racist, bearsuit, fever fever, etc etc etc etc etc. and we got to meet a lot of very interesting people. it was heavy going but so fun.

it was stressful leading up to the gig, what with it being a real chore to get our visas sorted in the first place as well as our first ever overseas gig, but dave and all the staff at the velveeta room were really friendly and helpful and kind which helped a lot. nevertheless i was terrified. but it went ok. the setlist went like this:

forget the past #6
now the geeks have a union
first song on the setlist
man obsessed
tell me what to do
dirty words & dusty corners
retail therapy
beautiful mental patient
ugly babies
happy birthday, richard hell
just like pigpen
i can't see the stars
there's no smoke without you
if you see her, give her hell
nowadays we are so very different
marty feldman eyes

big thanks to everyone who watched us play, especially the sweden and boston contingents! if you happened to see us on a whim or by happy accident while you were in austin you can download the majority of our back catalogue for free from our bandcamp page. hope you like it. our next gig is on friday the first of april at bar red in kings lynn. this is to raise money for the benjamin foundation and we are happy to be involved.

more news soon.