Wednesday, 28 December 2011

00052 // 28/12/11

on the ninth of december i played the last tumbledryer babies gig for the foreseeable future (possibly ever) at the railway. it was nice, i was really drunk so it was probably quite embarrassing to watch but who cares. i lost the setlist but based on hazy memories and a scrap of paper i found, on which i was planning the set, this is what i think i played:

forget the past #6
pensioner's hands
dinosaur egg
if you see her, give her hell
now the geeks have a union
beautiful mental patient
island in the sun
just like pigpen
i think we might be weirdos
song for the season
we had it all to live for
the outdoor type
i told him it was wrong
marty feldman eyes
there's no smoke without you

if this is wrong and you can correct me on the setlist please do, i've kept a pretty meticulous record of the songs i've played over the years so it'd be a shame for me not to know what i played at the last gig. charlot webster played after me and was absolutely amazing as ever, we've shared a few bills and she is always great. i got to play my records either side of the live music too which i'm sure annoyed passing trade but i loved it. quite a fun night really.

in other news the last of the pledge music records will be posted in the next few days,  and there is a pledge music extended player coming out soon (it's meant to be done by now but i've got a pretty valid excuse for delaying the release i think), and the final tumbledryer album is written (i just have to bring myself to record it), then it's on to the other musical projects i have lined up for the new year. but for now, thanks for the support and bye bye tumbledryer babies x