Tuesday, 28 June 2011

00046 // 28/06/11

thanks to everyone who preordered our record through our pledge music project. it was looking grim for a while, but you people really came through in the last few days of the project and we met our target. i am in the process of making demo versions of songs for the EP and preparing all the bundles. i will continue to make demo versions and other stuff available exclusively to pledgers in the lead up to the record release in september. it will be available in vinyl and download formats. the 7" will be on green vinyl and all pledgers will be listed in the liner notes. i will be going on about the details of the record some live dates around the time of the record release on twitter so feel free to follow me for updates.

i played shangri-la at the railway last night with tom burgess, john bennett and artgruppe. artgruppe were particularly impressive, with their new members, a cellist and a new bass player, on good form. i was on first and i played:

tell me what to do
pr machine
my body the temple and i the iconoclast
dirty words & dusty corners
if you see her, give her hell
beautiful mental patient
marty feldman eyes