Monday, 20 December 2010

00040 // 20/12/10

now that myspace is virtually unuseable i have had to transfer the blog to here. if, for some reason, you want to read old blog posts you can find entries 00001 - 00039 here.

i was sad to hear of captain beefheart's passing this weekend. he is a very important and influential figure to the tumbledryer babies and safe as milk and clear spot are absolute masterpieces. as a tribute we have recorded a cover version of 'too much time', which you can listen to by visiting our facebook page.

i played at the beatles convention at the railway last night. i was very nervous about it, given how bad i am at remembering the words to songs. i'm bad enough at remembering the songs i've written, yet alone the words to other people's songs. anyway, i played:

i'm a loser
i'm happy just to dance with you
if i fell
i'll cry instead

thanks to everyone who was there for being patient with me and not booing when i messed up. that was the last tumbledryer gig of twothousandandten. next up is the blang records night at 12 bar on the fourth of january where we will be opening for dan treacy (television personalities), then a few gigs in february as preparation for sxsw in march. next year is set to be an exciting one for us.

finally, our new album will be released on the first of january. you'll be able to download it for free from bandcamp. hope you like it. see you next year.