Tuesday, 17 July 2012

00053 // 17/07/12

i woke up on saturday morning to an email offering a last minute opportunity to open for the bobby mcgee's in southend. the new band still needs a few more rehearsals so charlot webster and i decided to do half a set each of solo material. neither of us have played since the pre-hiatus tumbledryer babies gig last december so we were both rusty and underrehearsed but half a set each felt doable. she was brilliant as ever; i had to abandon a song after one line because i couldn't remember the words. i played:

just like pigpen
i told him it was wrong
tell me what to do
island in the sun
marty feldman eyes

speaking of new band, i have been writing songs with charlot since christmastime and we will be performing them together as red sails for the first time at southend pier festival 2012.

finally, the long-overdue tumbledryer babies 'pledgemusic exclusive' extended player will be available for free download soon. it is called golden boy and it's nearly finished and i hope you like it.

see you down the end of the pier.

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