Thursday, 6 January 2011

00041 // 06/01/11

happy new year to you all. we want to make this year the year of the tumbledryer, which means lots of free downloads, more recording with other people, lots of gigs and a general good feeling towards all those we encounter on our travels. we started the year by releasing a new album on the first called oneoneoneone. you can download it for free from bandcamp. then on the fourth we were back at 12bar, this time for a blang records night supporting television personalities. also playing that night were sgt buzfuz, who played lots of songs about popes, and the guitaranddrummachine playing a.r.s. hellden. our set went something like this:

first song on the setlist
tell me what to do
if you see her, give her hell
now the geeks have a union
just like pigpen
happy birthday, richard hell
nowadays we are so very different
my true geology is not stone but fear
beautiful mental patient
dirty words & dusty corners
there's no smoke without you
marty feldman eyes

we always love playing there. thanks to blang and to everyone who came along. next up is shangri-la at the railway hotel in southend, then a few gigs in february in the lead up to sxsw in march. more dates will be announced soon. in the mean time, keep up with tumbledryer announcements and mindless inane comments as they happen on twitter, download the new album for free from bandcamp and be nice to each other.

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